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Wsjh horizontal high efficiency double blade mixer


The wsjh high-efficiency double-layer paddle mixer is developed and produced based on the advantages of no gravity double axis paddle mixer, screw belt mixer, short mixing time, fast and uniform, plough mixer which can disperse and depolymerize agglomerates. The design of single axial and double-layer blades can effectively enhance the convection, shearing and mixing of materials, with high mixing uniformity and low energy consumption of equipment.

1. Driving advantages: the standard product uses the belt pulley to drive the cycloid reducer. Compared with the large torque of the gear reducer, the elastic connection of the belt drive has the advantage of protecting the transmission parts in case of overload.

2. Double blade: the single axial and internal and external double blade design can produce more effective convection, shear and mixing effects from the axial and radial directions, with high mixing uniformity, low equipment energy consumption and better mixing effect. There are many types of blades available.

3. Flying knife form: when the uniformly distributed pulp leaves in the cylinder are running at high speed, they can disperse the materials axially, and also take the animal materials to flow along the circle of the simplified body. The flying knife in the middle plays the role of auxiliary mixing and dispersion and depolymerization of the agglomerated materials.

4. Shape and speed of flying knife: the flying knife group of multi-layer blade is directly connected with the motor, and the standard speed is generally 1440r / min; according to the difference of material characteristics, flying knife has a variety of shapes and speeds.

5, spray plus liquid: add pressure or airflow atomizing nozzle above the flying knife to achieve quantitative mixing of liquid. Because the material density of this position material is smaller under the shear of flying cutter, the liquid material after atomization is easier to enter and mix with powder. According to the nature of the material, it is also possible to spray and add liquid to the upper part of the cylinder.

6. There are two types of cylinder forms to choose from: (1) the standard type is U-shaped simplified body: the commonly used form has a large mixing capacity and is easy to clean. Super large access door, reasonable design, convenient cleaning and maintenance, saving time; ② round cylinder: usually used in vacuum or pressure state, with large heat transfer and cooling area when using hot and cold jacket.

7. Charging method: open charging at the upper part of the standard U-shaped simplified body, with the upper cover of the sealing gasket, and the lock lock is fastened. The circular simplified body is provided with a small charging port according to the charging method, and the non-standard customization can implement the vacuum charging.

8. Discharging mode: bottom discharging, with discharging valves of various structures and manual or pneumatic discharging modes available.

9. Cooling and heating: a jacket can be added outside the mixer barrel to cool or heat the material by injecting hot and cold medium into the jacket. Generally, industrial water is pumped into the cooling system, and steam or electric heating heat transfer oil can be applied to the heating system.

User customization

The following structure configuration needs to be customized:

1. According to the material characteristics, add appropriate configuration, and combine into a drying and mixing integrated system. Drying by conduction heating has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving.

2. The cylinder can be designed as a form with a jacket, which is filled with hot and cold media to meet the user's requirements for process temperature control.

3. It is designed to operate under vacuum or pressure conditions.

4. The upper cover, sealing device and discharge valve can be designed according to the user's requirements, and can be manually or pneumatically operated.

5. Equipped with pressure or air flow liquid spraying device.

6. According to the properties and requirements of the materials, there are many types of blades available.

7. A flying knife cutting device can be added to cut and crush materials to meet the process requirements.

8. The blade extension can increase the high wear-resistant Teflon scraper, adjust the distance between the blade and the cylinder wall, and effectively reduce the mixing blind area.

9. Non standard design and manufacturing can be carried out according to the special requirements of users.



modelEffective volume(m3)Mixing quantity of each batch(kg)power(kw)

Note: 1. The technical parameters in the table are based on the material proportion of 0.6.

2. In case of vacuum, heating, pressure resistance, cooling, drying, explosion, flammability, corrosion and other process conditions, the user must clearly inform and provide accurate relevant data, which can be customized after text confirmation.

3. Due to the diversity of equipment structure and auxiliary configuration, some of the configurations in the above description need to be selected by the user. Please select the appropriate configuration according to the physical properties and indicate it in writing when ordering. Welcome to consult our company's technical personnel to discuss the model selection.

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