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Processing site of the second drying large-scale paddle dryer

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Recently, a large-scale paddle dryer ordered by a customer in our company is being made in an orderly way. The following is the production site of the workshop!

Paddle dryer can indirectly heat or cool paste, granule, powder and other materials, and can complete drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction, low temperature combustion and other operations. The equipment adopts a special wedge-shaped stirring blade for heat transfer, which has the functions of high heat transfer efficiency and clean heat transfer surface.

Equipment features:

(1) the paddle dryer has low energy consumption and low cost.

(2) it can be continuous operation or batch operation, which is widely used in many fields.

(3) little environmental pollution.

(4) reduce the operation cost, reduce the wear and maintenance cost.

(6) it can ensure the stability of the process.

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